MYNC & HCCR & Jose Nunez ‘Boogers’ Out Now!

September 7, 2009

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Original Mix / Avicii’s Dumb Dumb Remix / Uner & Coyu Abreme La Puerta Mix

‘Boogers’ demonstrates the unification of MYNC and Harry Choo Choo Romero, and the track is undeniably reflective of the sounds infusing clubs around the globe this summer.

The mighty MYNC are renowned for bringing all things house. During their 18 month separation the pair embarked on different ambitious efforts to create waves in the music scene individually. Mark nurtured his label Cr2, whilst Nick concentrated on his club, Rapture, which soon became a dance haven to the midlands. After reuniting recently they immediately got their career back on track with a bang in the form of their ‘Payback’ remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘You’re not alone’, and have since been playing their legendary house sets once again, this time endorsed by Pioneer Pro DJ and leading DJ Software Traktor.

No stranger to the dance scene either, Harry Choo Choo Romero has been producing tracks since 1995 over a vast span of music labels, including Strictly Rhythm, Emotive, Sex Mania, Power Music, and Gossip Records. His huge success however, came when he joined forces with now house legend Erick Morillo and his now internationally famed label, Subliminal Records.  Along with Morillo and producer/DJ Jose Nunez, Harry played a definitive role in laying the foundation for what has come to be the highest quality dance music label.

‘Boogers’ consists of out and out house vibes from start to finish reflecting the producers quite aptly. A superb piece of electronic mayhem ‘Boogers’ begins almost dark and twisted, and as the track begins to escalate and the latin inspired drum beats infuse a sure fire club hit is formed. With synths and piano beats building the crescendo this track is certainly not a ‘filler’. Driven from start to finish by the recognisable melody it’s the sort of agonisingly simple riff that stays with you long after the energy and the rush of movement fades.
Remixes come from über cool Spanish partnership Uner & Coyu, whose track ‘El Baile Aleman’ was featured recently on the acclaimed Space Ibiza 2009 CD, and Avicii.


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