About MYNC


It’s all about house music… Or so Ron Caroll’s legend has it. And if you’re talking MYNC, it couldn’t be more apt. Mark Brown and Nick Corelli; two men, one vision, an abundance of creativity and a whole lotta love for this thing we call house music.

So what do we know about MYNC? We know they cut their teeth at Coalville’s Passion, the Midland’s infamous outpost for discerning house grooves. We know their exciting four deck, double mixer sets are a technical treat. We know they were championed by acid house Godfather Danny Rampling, later collaborating with him on the 2006 smasher ‘Strobelight’. We know they’ve held down residencies at Cream Ibiza, Godskitchen and The Cross. We know their epic Ministry Of Sound ‘Sessions’ mix in 2007 still stands the test of time today (an intrepid feat in these compilation-cluttered times). We know they bowed out with a body slamming collaboration ‘Everybody Freakin’ with Dirty South. And we know that, since they made their announcement on Dave Spoon’s Radio 1 show, they’re back.

With a bang.

Or should that be banger? The duo only announced their comeback on March 13th and they’ve already scored the highest profile remix this season on Calvin Harris’s number one bomb ‘You’re Not Alone’ (some would argue the remix). Hell, with a highly anticipated project with Subliminal superheroes Harry Romero and Jose Nunez on the boil, and an artist album due early 2010, Mark and Nick aren’t just armed with a banger – they’re a beat battle station ready to rock any floor, soundsystem and pair of ears in sight.

And we mean rock. After 18 months creating their own success stories, the daring pairing have returned to the project with a fresh outlook, exciting new ideas and an even deeper understanding of dancefloor science. Nick spent his time developing his own Midland’s hotspot Rapture and Mark has nurtured Cr2 into one of the UK’s most successful independent electronic music labels  that’s scored over XX Top 40 hits to date including Tocadisco’s epic remix of The Egg’s ‘Walking Away’ and Fedde Le Grand’s ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit’. Such a deep rooted understanding (they’ve been involved in the industry since they were star-struck house devotees over 10 years ago) has led to a true passion and vision. Something that’s manifested in their cutting edge DJ sets.

MYNC sets are musical magic; blending beats from four records, dropping acapellas with cunning mischief, the duo fashion fresh moments from classics we know and love and the freshest upfront house music. Mark’s love for soul and Nick’s love for experimental electronica have led to a discerning balance of beats; from techno to soulful, futurebound and full of reference points, MYNC DJ sets have become something of legend.  But don’t ask us, just listen to their previous compilation releases such as ‘Thisismyhouse’ on Art & Craft, ‘United Nations Of House’ on Cr2. Try and find copies of their Radio 1 Essential Mixes from May 2006 or July 2002 or ask the disco devotees who attended Passion and saw MYNC grow from the Redroom to the main room. Or ask voters in Ibiza DJ Awards who honoured them with Best Breakthrough DJs in 2006… After just one set at Pacha!

Better still, ask Kylie Minogue next time you see her – they’ve played at one of her star studded parties, you see…

But here’s the twist… Mark and Nick have excitingly developed their show and brought it back to the future. Now endorsed by leading DJ software Traktor, the men are fully kitted out with a MIDI system of a DJ’s dreams. Two laptops, two mixers, two MIDI controllers and four Pioneer CDJs, the new MYNC show sizzles with forward thinking audio and visual opportunities and comes with a clear message; let’s put some fun back on the dancefloor! While some laptop bandits still fuel the ‘DJ checking emails’ cliché, Mark and Nick promise a true show that encompasses all they’ve achieved and learnt so far as they hurtle into the future offering tutorials and product development for Traktor along the way. The first taste of this will be their forthcoming double CD mix for Ibiza superclub Space. The lingua franca in summer sonic summaries, ‘Space Ibiza’ will be taken care of by Mark and Nick who’ve already set the bar high with the aforesaid ‘Sessions’ mix for Ministry.

With a burning ambition to add to an impressive discography that includes the chart-busting ‘Ride The Storm’, ‘Something On Your Mind’ and reworks of Narcotic Thurst, Danny Howells, Bush II Bush and Detroit pioneer Kevin Saunderson, Mark and Nick are taking over the dancefloor on both sides, as DJs and producers. Mark’s just polished off centre stage reversions of David Morales’ classic ‘Needin U’ and recent number one from Flo Rida ‘Right Round’ and the studio has been moved right next door to Cr2’s London offices, giving the duo even more of an excuse to eat, sleep and breathe their beloved beats. Just like they have since they first got paired up behind the decks in 1999.

The summer of 2009 sees MYNC performing a series of eight exclusive shows across the globe with sets confirmed on the world-leading dancefloors of Space Ibiza and matter, London. Be sure to catch them and see just why, once again, it’s all about house music.


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